Animals Need Our Help!

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Unfair Treatment is NOT Okay

Everyday animals alike and different are beaten and killed, sometimes even for FUN. Even if the animal is beaten because the owner is mad at the animal, it's still not right. Recently, two dogs in U.S. city escaped their yard and ran three miles away, coming to a farm. The owner of the farm claims that the dogs killed 30 of his birds, being 20 chickens and 10 turkeys. There is no evidence supporting this, however. But this claim is his explanation to why he brutally beat the dogs to death with a shovel. He proceeded in digging a hole, putting the dogs in, burning them with gasoline, and later came and finished by filling the hole.

This is NOT okay. Animals don't understand what we understand, and we don't understand what they understand. They have their own instincts and don't know better. We punish them like they are one of us. In fact, we punish them even WORSE than we punish ourselves.

Together, we can stop these "cruel and unusual punishments." By donating to the ASPCA, you can support the protest for animals and their rights. Animals will be supported through your donations. Their rights will be fought diligently for. And most of all, the animals will be loved and cared for until they find their loving home, free from cruelty and harm. The ASPCA wants to help fight this with us. Help them by donating to them today.