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District Submits Return to In-Person Teaching and Learning Plan to County Office of Education

Redwood City School District (RCSD) plans for PreK-8 students to be back participating in in-person teaching and learning on school campuses with a staggered return starting Tuesday, January 19, 2021. The plan outlines the staggered return by grade levels as follows:

Week of January 19: All Preschool, TK - 2, 6-8

Week of January 25: Grades 3-5

The school district submitted its plan for in-person teaching and learning to the San Mateo County Office of Education on Friday, October 23, 2020.

The plan addresses two requirements with which all San Mateo schools must comply in order to implement in-person teaching and learning:

  • Implementation of the Four Pillars: Details on the safety measures and protocols were developed by a district committee during the spring and summer as part of the district’s plan for reopening schools.

  • Ongoing testing for district employees: The district has developed a plan and contracted with a provider that will test employees on an ongoing basis.

Participating in the Hybrid Model on school campuses is optional as families who choose to continue with the Full Distance Model will be able to do so. In the meantime, before its official return on school campuses, RCSD continues to expand its Learning Hubs and Pilot Program for in-person, targeted, and specialized support and services for small groups of students on school campuses.

Learning Hubs:

Starting on October 26 and November 2, the school district will launch five additional learning hubs at Garfield, Hoover, and Roosevelt schools. The Learning Hubs are small cohorts of elementary grade students who are on school campuses following the class schedules and lessons of their teachers remotely and are being supervised by adults. The program first started on August 31, expanding on September 14. Students have been participating in Learning Hubs at Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School, Hoover Community School, Roosevelt School, and Red Morton Park supporting Henry Ford Elementary School and Orion Alternative Elementary School students.

The Learning Hubs serve primary grades, English Language Learners, and Special Education students. Each school will contact the parents of students who meet the priority criteria and ask about their interest in being part of the new upcoming Learning Hubs.

Pilot Program:

Plans of the district’s In-Person Teaching and Learning Pilot Program prior to the proposed start date of January 19, 2021, are now finalized. The Pilot Program consists of a small number of teachers with small groups of their students at their current schools.

This week:

  • District staff met with pilot teachers to discuss schedules

  • District staff identified the RSP teachers who will be supporting the special education students in the Pilot Program

  • District staff scheduled the instructional assistants who will be supporting the special education students in the Pilot Program

Similarly to the Learning Hubs, each school is contacting families who meet the criteria about their interest in having their student be part of the Pilot Program.

You are invited to bookmark the RCSD Roadmap to Reopening my School page as new information continues to be uploaded.

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