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Denmark is a beautiful country in which you would love all of the peace and beauty. Denmark joined the European Union on August 10 1961. There's six founding country's, but Denmark is not one of the founding.

So come live in Denmark

Some more information is that Denmark has a monarchy for a government. Some interesting facts are the flag of Denmark, Dannebrog, is the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation. The Danish royal family is probably the oldest uninterrupted European monarchy. It traces back its roots to legendary kings in the Antiquity. Gorm the Old, the first king of the "official line", ruled from 934 C. The Danish fairy tales writer Hans Christian Andersen, is well known around the Western world, notably for such tales as "The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Little Mermaid" (adapted by Disney), and "The Ugly Duckling".
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The capital Copenhagen is a great place I found out that Denmark used to be a fishing place for Vikings. Copenhagen has a 1,000 year old castle in it. In the 17th century Copenhagen was famous for architecture.