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November 15, 2019

Good afternoon,

Another week comes to a close and the snow seems to be sticking around. As we get ready for our last full week before the Thanksgiving Recess, I’d like to share a few useful pieces of information.

Please click the link to visit our educational technology department’s Digital Citizenship Newsletter. Included this month is information about our ongoing partnership with Common Sense Media as well as the Digital Balance in Our Lives parent/community evening which will take place on December 2nd. This event will focus on events that certainly impact our middle schoolers every day such as finding the balance, safe technology use, and moving from consuming to creating with technology. We hope you’ll consider attending.

While Varsity and JV winter sports kicked off this week, many Willink students will begin participation in modified sports starting Monday. For our Willink families who will be supporting their student(s) through these winter activities, I want to thank you in advance for recognizing a few logistical needs we have in order to keep students safe during winter sports:

  • Supervision - students with games or practices (or other extracurricular activities) that start prior to 4pm should report the cafetorium after school where we have supervision in place. Students need to remain in the cafetorium until picked up by their coach. Please note that students will need to be transported back to school for practices or contests that begin after 4pm. This includes students who would like to attend games as fans. While this can be challenging for families, we do not have supervision past 4 and we need to follow this procedure in order to maintain the safety of our students.

  • Student Pickup/Dropoff - Please take a minute to look at the Willink building and traffic flow pattern pictures further down in the newsletter. We ask that drivers be aware of and follow the pattern. We also encourage you to find a parking spot - when available - to pick up you student. At high volume times (5-5:30pm), we want to maintain the safety of our students by preventing intersecting driving patterns or having students walking out between cars. We know that parking and pickup can be challenging and thank you for keeping safety in mind during these times.

In addition to the traffic patterns, please look through the flyers and announcements including - new for November - Webster Central School District Job Openings. If you or someone you know is interested in working with our staff and students, consider submitting an application.

I hope our sledders, skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor winter enthusiasts enjoy the snow this weekend. Everyone else - stay warm!

Brian Powers

Willink Principal

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Student/Parent Portal

The student/parent portal is an excellent way to monitor your child's progress. As always, please email your child’s teacher with specific questions related to classroom performance. If you have behavioral or social-emotional concerns, your child’s counselor would be the first point of contact. Again, working together we can help your child grow!



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Every Monday afternoon, Willink PTSA sends out an email to its members that contains lots of information about events and volunteers opportunities. We have had some technical difficulties with the delivery of these emails, so we are posting them on our website weekly as well. Please follow this link: http://www.websterptsa.org/Schools.cfm?subpage=4192. If you are not signed up to receive these emails, please go to this link: http://www.websterptsa.org/emailsignup.cfm.
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