Mexico McDonald's

Mcdonald's Mexican Menu

- McMolletes
- McFajita
- McTaco
- McBurrito
- McEnchilada
- Angus BBQ Chipotle y Tocino
- McSopa de Frijoles
- McFlan
-Desayuno Especial Mexicano
- McRice

Employee Dress Code

- employees dress similar to Americans because many clothes are imported from other countries such as America
- their typical dress code is black pants, a collared shirt, and a hat

Building Design

- building design is a little different
- it fits the culture of Mexico more
- buildings have very flat and simple walls
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The food, clothes, and building design relate to the culture of Mexico in many ways. For instance, in Mexico, people eat a lot of tacos. Obviously a McDonald's is going to want to put tacos on their menu, so that they can attract more customers. They need to fit their menu items with the local food. The dress code for a McDonald's in Mexico is very similar to America. This is because Mexico imports many of their clothes from other countries such as America. Mexico has combined some of our culture with theirs, which helps support globalization. The building design is slightly different in Mexico. The buildings are lighter in color and have very flat and simple walls. This how many houses in Mexico are built, so the company wants to match with that.
All of these things help support globalization because they make our world smaller. McDonald's is something that represents America. This is something that we can now share with Mexico. Despite our different cultures, we can still have several things in common.
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