Eastern Europe Research


  • Capital- Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine in eastern Europe.
  • Major Languages- Ukrainian, Russian, and others.
  • Location- Eastern Europe is the location of Ukraine.
  • Populations and Life expectancy- The population is 44,291,413and the life expectancy 69.14


  • Major cities- Kharkov , Odessa , Dnepropetrovsk are the three major cities.
  • Average Rainfall- The average rainfall a year is 20 inches. (50cm)


  • Holidays- Orthodox Easter , New years Day , and Orthodox Christmas are three major holidays
  • Food- Borsch , Varenyky , Banosh with Brnza , Uzvar , Paska are just a few of the traditional foods.
  • Clothing- Women wore dresses and skirts and Men wore pants and jackets.

Interesting Facts

  • Native animals- Gray dwarf hamster , Bobak marmot , Mound building Mouse , Little ground squirrel , and Eurasian beaver is just a few native animals.
  • Unusual laws-
  • Social Taboo-