Chrome and GAFE questions answered

What is GAFE

GAFE is Google Apps for Education.  Through the Chrome browser Google is the host for a suit of applications available to educational institutions to use as a community.  The applications that are provided as core are email, calendar, and chat; other applications are available to load onto the users account.  It allows staff and students to create, share and collaborate in an online space where the school can monitor usage (as we do with our current network).  

What is Chrome?

Chrome is a web browser, a program that allows devices to access the internet and for users to access websites. (The best known web browsers are Internet Explorer and Safari.)

Why do I need Chrome?

We will be using Chrome to access Google Drive and other Chrome Apps to create documents and work at ADHS.

Where do I get it from?

Chrome can be downloaded from the internet for free for most devices from the following link,

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is an App that allows users to create documents, spreedsheets, presentations and forms. Once created these can then be shared with staff, students and parents to allow users to collaborate on the document. Google drive also allows users to save their work so that it is accessible from any online device, through their logon.

What will we be doing in it?

At ADHS we we be using Google Drive and other Chrome Apps in many ways:

  • giving students access to cloud storage so they can access their work from any device wherever they have internet access
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How does Google docs have anything to do with Chrome?

Chrome is the browser used to run your google docs. If you are staff or student of ADHS you will have a Google account, in the form Use this to log onto chrome, that will allow you to log on to any device and it will automatically load your documents, your settings and all of your apps.

If you are not staff or student at ADHS you can create your own google account in a variety of ways, including through Gmail and Google Drive. Once you have this account you can log into chrome, download your own apps and create your documents in Google Drive that will then be available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Can we use Google docs without Chrome?

Yes you can use Google docs without Chrome, but it may not be as functional as in Chrome.

What are Web Apps?

Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device. (

Web Apps or web-based applications are programs that are designed to be used entirely within the browser. Using apps, you can do things like create documents, edit photos, and listen to music, without having to install complicated software. (

What Apps will we need?

Initially, chrome has a standard set of apps; chrome web store, google docs, You Tube, Google Drive and G-mail. You can load your selection of Apps through chrome web store. It is anticipated that at ADHS we will have the capacity to connect, free, subject specific apps to each user.