How to clean your car like a Pro

1. Why should you clean your car like a pro?

a. It’s cheap to do.

b. It will keep your car in show room condition, which means it will fetch better value if you want to sell it.

c. It’s easy to do it these days.

These days, DIY jobs have become easier than ever before. You will have no shortage of information and options you can use to get your car cleaned like a pro. More and more techniques developed by the pros have filtered down to the ardent consumer.

It has also become easier to do so since products like auto paint have greatly improved to be more durable and have a better shine. Also, whereas before it was ok to use newspaper for cleaning your car, these days you can easily use microfiber cloths, chemical paint cleaners, and aloe leather healer.

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There are times however, when you should not try to do it by yourself. Unless you are like a pro, you should let one look at your car, for example if your paint has a deep scratch. This means your car needs sanding and filling.

Getting your supplies from will make your choice easier. You will get a wide selection of professional car products for car cleaner interior, exterior, accessories, detailing equipment and such.

1. How to clean your car like a pro

a. General interior cleaning with Compressed Air and a Stiff Brushes

The first step is to get rid of all the dust and dirt stuck in all the nooks and

crannies in your car. Use compressed air to do this and use a stiff brush to lodge out

all the dirt or mud that is stuck in the car.

The stiff brush also works great for cleaning the carpet and upholstery. If you have leather seats, use a conditioner with aloe.

While you are at it use an air compressor to blow dust out of the air conditioning duct work. This will leave your car smelling like new.

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b. Use Non-Acid-Based Tire Cleaners:

The pros use specially mixed acid solutions to clean dirty tires thoroughly. Since you are not yet a pro, it is advisable to stay away from acid based cleaners because they can cause your alloy rims to oxidize and pit.

Also, avoid detergent and use a degreaser instead. The pros recommend to clean wheels and tires before you clean the car’s body paint.

c. The Best Carwash is a Hand Wash:

This is good because it allows you to inspect your car’s surface. However, don’t use dish washing detergent like majority of car owners. If you do so, you will strip the wax coatings and thus expose your car more to the elements. Use a carwash solution will preserve your car's finish.

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d. Polish to Smooth Out Paint

To make your car look newer, polish it. This makes the surface of the paint smoother. To do so you can use an oscillating buffer for a great finish.

e. Protect Paint with Wax

Wax wears out over time taking on average a few months depending on what you expose it to. You can use either paste wax or liquid wax - the choice is yours. Don’t apply more than two coats, it is usually unnecessary.