Coding with Kids


Coding Sounds Scary

It definitely sounds intimidating. How do people do it? Remember when you had to learn a foreign language back in high school? How did you do? Was it scary or did your teacher teach you the language incrementally? Did you find that some kids took to the language much quicker than others?

Coding is like that, it's just another language. Sites like approach coding in the same way you learned how to speak Spanish. You learn some basics first and then it starts to get more complex. Conjugating verbs in Spanish was always a tough one for me. Some kids are going to take to it quicker than others. However, I saw the same level of engagement and stick-to-it-iveness in ALL the kids.

I've heard it said that younger kids tend to learn new languages easier. Well, if coding is just another language then let's get them learning now.

Ms. Boucher's classes at Schorr ES got a taste of coding!

"Schorr" Looks Like Some Awesome Coding to Me!

What's In It for the Students & Teachers?

In working with different classes, constructive frustration was in abundance. Yup, I said it, frustration. Kids hit a level of frustration yet I never saw them give in to it. They tried again! They collaborated with their neighbors and they talked with their teachers. They tried new strategies.

I saw critical thinking skills and perseverance to solve problems. I tried everything to get my students to become problem solvers. Who would've thought that all it takes is letting kids explore, create and help one another. The smiles on their faces when they achieved their certificate of completion were real. The kids knew they earned the certificates and the satisfaction showed on their faces!

So, what's in it for the stakeholders? How much time do you have?

Hour of Code- CCSD
I heard statements like that throughout the rooms!

*Please excuse the choppy face blurring. It was my first attempt.

Star Wars with Blockly - Hour of Code: Introduction
Big image uses Blockly to teach the basics of how code is written. Instead of the scary jumble of things we think of when coding is mentioned, blocks with commands are stacked on top of each other. When to program is run, the blocks are executed from the top down. In the above picture, code has been written to command BB8 to collect the 4 pieces of space junk.

Bass ES: Mrs. Brooks Rocking Code With Humanities Classes

21st Century Skills

Big image
Coding enabled the kids who participated to be true 21st century learners. And you know what? They loved it.

OK, so did I :)