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Menu Assignment

Menu Assignment:

- ----In your own words, define satire.

- ----Find a satiric television show and upload an image from the show.

- ----Research the tools of a satirist (indirect, direct, reversal, utopianism, etc) and present

those tools in a visually appealing way (a Wordle, or Word Art?).

- ----Find three satiric cartoons, or images and explain what they are satirizing.

- ----Attach a school appropriate video that helped you understand the definition of satire.

- ----Create your own satire (maybe a meme, or a paragraph, or a cartoon).

- ----Research and present the Biography of Senator Joseph McCarthy

- ----Find an article that explains the difference between communism versus other forms of


- ----Find a video that explains how the Crucible is satiric.

- ----Explain in your own words how the Crucible is satiric.

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Find one Television Show or Movie that is primarily Satiric (or uses satire).

Insert an image of that television show or movie and explain what they are satirizing (what they are making fun of through a moral voice).

Find three visuals that you understand and explain how they are satiric:

Simpsons Satire for the Classroom

Create your own example

Construct one example of satire. It can be a video, an audio explanation, a drawing, or a written paragraph. If you are struggling see this website for help:

Display the tools of satire (reversal, parody, irony, etc) in a pleasant way.

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The McCarthy Witchhunts

How is The Crucible Satiric?

A senator named Joseph McCarthy spread fear and garnered power by spreading fear of Communism among the American population. He put together a black list, which was a group of people that were suspected as spreading Communist ideology. A playwright, named Arthur Miller, was on this list and got mad. So he decided to use his forum (by writing a play) to get back at McCarthy. Miller used an event from history- the Salem Witch Trials of 1692- in order to remind McCarthy that unfounded accusations and the spreading of fear ultimately lead to bad issues.