Pennsylvania State University

Hershey, Pennsylvania


White Out

Penn State students have whited out many stadiums to show support for their team. Students will wear all white clothes, white paint, or white anything to show their solidarity and support for the Nittany Lions. The form a white mass of jumping enthusiasm in the stands to cheer on their team. The Nittany Lion supporters have completely whited out the Beaver Stadium, the Bryce Jordan Center and other sports venues. Their extreme dedication makes them some of the noisiest and most intimidating fans out there.

Nittany Lion Push-Ups

Marty Seorta is generally credited with starting the ritual of pushups after every Penn State score. The traditions goes on today slightly modified. Now, after every score Nittany Lion does one handed push-ups. The number of push-ups done by the schools mascot matches the total score of the team. As the score climbs, so does the number of one handed push-ups done by Nittany Lion himself.

Fight Songs

The band music played at every home game goes back almost 100 years. Two of the songs, “The Nittany Lion” and “Fight On State,” are still featured as part of the pre game activities. A third song, “Victory,” also is played during the game. Jimmy Leyden wrote both “Victory” and “The Nittany Lion.” He was a sophomore in 1913 when he wrote “Victory” with the familiar chorus, “Fight, Fight, Fight for the Blue and White, Victory will our slogan be.”