The Evil Middle Ages

And there Rulers

William the Conqueror

  • Also know as William the Bastard, had many achievements during his power. He reined from 1066 until his death in 1087. He was born in Normandy and lived there until he captured England in 1066. he is known tough, brave, inspirational and religious
  • A significant battle that William had was the battle of Hastings, The battle took place at Senlac Hill on the 14th of October 1066. The battle lasted all day and towards the end of the day Harold fell. The coronation of William was 25 Dec 1066 and he was declared King of England. At his funeral, William’s body apparently exploded. He died after his horse reared up during a 1087 battle, throwing the king against his saddle pommel so forcefully that his intestines ruptured. A famous quote from William was

    “I have persecuted its native inhabitants beyond all reason. Whether gentle or simple, I have cruelly oppressed them; many I unjustly inherited; Innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York, perished through me by famine or the sword." – William the Conqueror.

  • We need to care about him because he created a feudal state with a strong central government. His most significant accomplishment was the Battle of Hastings

King John

  • King John was the king of England from 6 April 1199 – 19 October 1216. Some of his personality traits were pettiness, spitefulness and cruelty.
  • John was involved in the Crusades and invasions to France. An important battle with King John was his last when Prince Louis from France invades and becomes the unofficial King of England. King John was illiterate and had to approve the Magna Carta by using his seal rather than signing it. Some quotes about King John are
    "John, nature's enemy."
    "He plundered his own people."
    "Cruel towards all men."
    "Hell itself is fouled by the ... Presence of John."
    "No man may every trust him."
  • We need to care about King John because he signed the Magna Carta. This was also one of his significant events. He never wanted to sign it but rebellious barons made him. The Magna Carta, also know as Great Charter, is a document that wanted to make King John not as powerful and to protect the barons privileges

Joan of Arc

  • Also known as the "Maid of Orleans," she was born in eastern France and was believed to be Roman Catholic Saint. She was a leader and heroic, honored and very wise for her young age.
  • She led the resistance against the English in the Hundred Years War. Joan said she had received visions from God instructing her to support Charles VII and recover France from the English late in the war. She was 17 at the time and was a better leader in battle then all of the veteran leaders. a interesting fact about her is that during her control in the French army, she never participated in active combat. A famous quote from Joan:

    "But since God had commanded me to go, I must do it. And since God had commanded it, had I had a hundred fathers and a hundred mothers, and had I been a king's daughter, I would have gone."

    "It pleased God thus to act through a simple maid in order to turn back the King's enemies."

  • We should care about Joan because she helped the French tremendously during the war and without her things might now have been the same today. She was a great leadership example and in considered a Saint. She is most remembered by the Battle of Orleans, where Joan freed Orleans, which had been captured by the English during the Hundred Years War. The entire battle lasted just nine days.

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