Colonial Life

The life back then in Colonial times. By Ryen Phennicie


In the colonial times the lives of the people of North America looked much different then all of our daily lives today. The daily life of today has computers and game systems and cars too. The daily life back then was all work and some play. If you did something wrong, you would be punished and everyone would know see you did something wrong. People did not go to the grocery story to pick up their dinner. Instead, they had to hunt and fish for their meals. Their daily life was much different than today too. They had to go to church, grow their own food, hunt and fish, and serve as a very important part of their community. Times have changed a lot after the Revolutionary War.

Colonial Punishments

The colonial punishments are different from our punishments today. If you bit your nails back then you would ware a sign that said Bitfinger Baby. If you cursed God back then the punishment was to sit or stand for three hours or less in the public stocks. If a women talked back to their husband back then, the women would be tied to a stool on a tree and be dunked as many times as it was worth. That is how colonial punishments are different than the punishments today.

Hunting and food

People today have many types of guns. In colonial times they hunted with different guns and with bows and arrows. If the indians were fine with the pilgrims knowing about there ways of hunting. The indians would teach them how to fish and how to hunt. The indians would show you how to grow crops with dead fish. They would grow tobacco,corn and some other crops. The indians would let them do the rest of the crops grow and fish and hunt by there selfs. The indians were a big part of colonial hunting and fishing back then.

Daily life

In colonial times, everyone does something in their daily lives. People work Monday through Saturday. The women worked on their crops and the men did very little to the crops because they were attending meetings about the town. At the meetings, the mend would made rules if they had land. If they had land that meant that they had a say in the rules of the town. If they did NOT have land they were not allowed to vote. On Sunday, it was expected that everyone attend church. If the elders fell asleep, the watchers would poke them with a needle. If anyone else fell asleep, they would conk them on the head with a solid object. The daily life was much different back then then it is today.


So now you know what life was like in the colonial times. The punishments were horrible in the colonial times. The hunting was hard and easy at the same time. There daily life was fascinating and hard for them the men got it easy back then and the women got it hard. So over all the colonial times were horrible easy and fascinating at the same time. This is my opinion I say that the colonial times was awesome.