Data in the Classroom

Coming soon: new website, new resources

Dear teachers,

Beginning January 2017, NOAA’s Data in the Classroom website will be temporarily unavailable. Once relaunched, the program will have a new website and a new address. The new website will feature modernized tools and resources to help you bring data into your classrooms.

Enhancements will include:

  • a new online learning environment for students
  • the latest data visualizations and data tools
  • updated curriculum modules and resources with alignments to NGSS

We are sorry for this temporary inconvenience. In the meantime, you can access any of the curriculum modules and several of the data tools by visiting the temporary site. We will alert you when the new website is launched. Please contact us with any questions or needs.

NOAA's Data in the Classroom

Put Big Data to Work in Your Classroom

With NOAA's Data in the Classroom, students use real data from NOAA's array of satellites, buoys, and data loggers to explore real world issues. The program includes curriculum activities with a scaled approach to learning and easy-to-use data exploration tools. The website contains five modules designed for grade 6-8 on topics related to Water Quality, Sea Level, Ocean Acidification (grade 9-12), Coral Bleaching and El Nino.