Music Notes

March 2015

Welcome Spring!

As we transition into spring in the music room, students work on performing in an ensemble, creative movement, folk dancing, and discovering world cultures. Below are highlights of our learning.

Ensemble Work in Fourth & Fifth Grade

Our fourth & fifth graders continue their work with playing in an ensemble. They are self assessing on four key elements of successful playing: STEADY TEMPO, BALANCE, LISTENING, and TEAMWORK.
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Around the World with Music: Second & Third Grade Performance

This program featured second and third graders performing multicultural selections from around the world. Students performed pieces from The United States, France, Japan, Israel, Spain, and Latin America. Our show included folk dancing, movement, instruments, and speakers.

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Students performing U.S. folk dance: Shake Them 'Simmons Down

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Students playing hand drum & glockenspiels while singing a French song: Frere Jacques

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Students performing movements to a Latin American piece: La Pulga de San Jose

Guest Musician Presents for Fifth Graders

University of Virginia Symphony Violist Megan Gray visited our fifth graders last week. During her presentation, Ms. Gray played several selections on viola. She also discussed how viola is played, it's role in the orchestra, and how it's sound is produced.
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Folk dancing in kindergarten helps us practice moving to the steady beat.

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Creative movement in cooperative groups helps our fifth grade students understand form (the order of contrasting sections) in music

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Fourth grade students work on playing chords to accompany a folk song.

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A terrific student quote this week!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday March 25th: 5:30 @ Monticello High School
A play presented by Drama Club & Chorus: Thursday, April 30th @ 1:15 & 6:30
"Too Much Noise" A play with characters & music: Friday May 29th @ 9am and 6:30pm


Our music website has information on events, news, and other websites for music exploration.