Soling Student Class Newsletter

Written by: Avery and Elizabeth


Our story for this week is American Champion Swimmer. It is about Gertrude Ederle

and she swam across the English Channel. She wanted to be the first woman to swim across since only 5 men had finished it.


In math we are learning symmetrical and congruent shapes. We made our own designs with centimeter cubes in our math journal.


In music we are learning how to play Hot Cross Buns, and Here Comes The Sun for our recorder recital. We have 98 music notes because we are so quiet and we listen. Our music notes are Do Re Me. We have a recital on March 19th Avery's little sisters b-day and Elizabeth's older sisters b-day!


In art we are learning about making masks out of clay by Picasso. The thickness has to be between the pinkie finger and the index finger.


In P.E. we are learning how to juggle and cup stack. For juggling we are starting with one then two then three. For cup stacking we are do the 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 and 6-6 and.....1-10-1! We watched a video on the boy who made the fastest record of cup stacking and it was.....4.1 seconds fast!

Daily 5

In Daily 5 we are working on squares, weekend news, mindomo , biography report, padlet and fact and opinion on curiculum loft. Our padlet is a picture of polar bears.

VOTE PLEASE!!!!!! (for your favorite Daily 5 activity)

Biography 15

Weekend news 7

Padlet 2

Squares 0

More music pictures!

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