all about Music

by: Megan Duckworth

Playing an Instroment

When musicians play their instrument, there's a party going on. Thats right, their brain is getting a full body workout! Because of this,certain parts of their brain work much better later on. Like the corpus callosum. Almost the entire brain is required to play an instrument. Especially the visual, auditory,and motor cortices. Playing an instrument also increases your creativity,and your memory in multiple subjects.
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Clock Rhythm

Rhythm isn't just in music, it's in heartbeats, the ocean, poems, even the tick-tock tick-tock of a clock. as a matter of fact, you can use a clock to measure rhythm. you use the hand of the clock to go over little dots you place around the face of the clock. each dot has a different beat and when the hand of the clock goes over it, it makes a rhythm. (click the button below to watch a video on clock rhythm.)


This video bellow teaches you the 3 basic sounds of beatboxing and how to make them.