Tourette syndrome

biology science project


The reason why i picked Tourette syndrome is because i kinda know what it is Ive seen it in real life. The Tourette syndrome effects the thoughts and body movements by having tics and saying random things.

cause of the disorder

Touretts are genetic you cant catch it, its only passed threw genes. Touretts can be a mutation in the brains nervous system. Also it can not be triggered by anything but some people with the syndrome think they can be triggerd by some things like food

how the disorder is treated

Medicine does not stop Touretts it can possibly help them to make the tics not as bad. Most people use there mind by concentrating on things so they don't have spasms

how many people have it

There are about 200,000 people who have tourretts. The people who have it is because they were passed threw genes anyone can get it if its in there genes it has nothing to do with location. Almost 10% of people in united states get it.
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The Tourette Syndrome
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