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Edwin Hubble was a famous Astronomer who was born on November 20th, 1889 Marshfield Missouri, which was where his grandparents owned a farm where him and his two older brothers and three younger sisters lived with their parents. While living on that farm Edwin became fascinated by Missouri’s midnight stars. In fact on his birthday Edwin's grandfather bought him a telescope and secretly allowed him to stay up in order for young Edwin to admire the starlit sky. Since he was a child Edwin has had his goals set on becoming an astronomer. And he would strive to for fill that goal till his death, and when he was given the chance to make his dream a reality and we didn't even need think before he accepted. And eventually Edwin was given that chance and it was called Oxford University. In 1910 Edwin was accepted into Oxford which was where he was later mentored by Astronomy expert George Ellery Hale, which was who the Hale Observatory was named after. There was only one year left in Edwin's term at Oxford when his father died in 1913, and since he was the only working parent in the Hubble family, they went into bankruptcy. In order to keep food on the table Edwin’s mother had to take a part-time job in the town. As much as Edwin wanted to go to his father's funeral he knew he couldn't make it in time so Edwin decided to finish his years at Oxford. When Edwin finished his four years at Oxford he went home to work at the new observatory on top of Mount Hilton which he will later work with fellow brilliant astronomers, Some of which went to Oxford with him. Edwin died from a stroke in 1953 when he was 63 years old. When Edwin died he was deep in thought on his last project researching DARK MATTER, he was trying to see if there was a way to contain the substance for closer study when he died in the middle of the night.


When Edwin began his research it was 1914 just a year after His father's death in 1913. Because of his discoveries on nebula specifically the nebula Andromeda and his observations of over 370 different Stars he had proved that our galaxy is growing 1.3 inches every 3 years and that the Universe has individual Galaxies, he also found out that not everything we see in the sky at night is in our galaxy. For example, take Andromeda it is just outside the Milky Way. One other thing is he also found out that the Milky Way Is only three hundred thousand light-years wide.


Edwin has always been very passionate about his dreams and his admiration there’s one example in particular which has accumulated overtime by the many nights he spent staring at the starry skies of his home state Missouri. If there's one thing about Edwin anyone could admire, it would most likely be his self-assurance In theories that others thought we're so far-fetched that they didn’t even try to prove whether that they were right or wrong. And one of the most thought to be far-fetched theory of the all was Einstein's expanding universe theory which turned out to be one of the truest of them all. And if it weren't for Edwin Hubble we all would still think that everything we see in the night sky is a part of our galaxy The Milky Way.