Lab Safety for Cuties (;

By: Macie Martin(:

Here I will tell you and show you how to be safe while in the Science Lab.!

While you are in the Science Lab you need to be safe.

you need things like Goggles: these are to cover and protect your eyes from harmful chemicals or anything harming to your eye.

There are many different things you will need to be safe while in the science lab I'm going to share them with you.

You will need an Apron to cover your clothes from messy situations, and Gloves to cover your hands from any nasty or messy things that are harmful to them.

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You need to keep your hair pulled back if it is long.

and pull your sleeves up if they're longer.

Keep your lab area neat and clean.

DO NOT horseplay or act up while in the lab.

that's pretty much all of the rules for the Science Lab.! (:(:(: