Mood Disorder Myths

by Claire McKenna

Depression is not just a feeling.

It's a serious mental disorder in which not treated can be fatal. You never can "snap" out of it, but you can live with it when treated with medication.

Depression does not just occur because something bad happened.

Depression is when someone has a chemical imbalance, its a physical disorder in which the serotonin is low.

Postpartum depression is a legitimate disorder.

A percentage of mothers suffer from it after childbirth; a proven fact.

Depression can be easily treated.

Treatment includes taking antidepressants and therapy

Antidepressants and lithium can't help everyone.

They don't help everyone because not everyone is the same and suffers exactly the same and it can worsen symptoms.

There are outward signs of depression.

You can see signs of depression such as excessive sleeping/tiredness, change in appetite, loss of motivation/interest, neglect of personal experience.

Having mania is not fun.

It's a serious disorder, you have no control or conscious of your actions. Can result in serious depression after snapping back into reality.

People hallucinate when suffering with a mood disorder.

It's one of the more serious symptoms.

Bipolar people aren't all the same.

They are two types of Bipolar disorders: Bipolar I and Bipolar II (including mania and depression symptoms)

You don't have to be depressed to be suicidal.

There are a lot of reasons someone may be suicidal unfortunately, you don't have to diagnosed with depression.