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Suspect, Lars Thorwald, was arrested Monday morning for the murder of his wife at Greenwich Village Apartments. After being under close investigation due to numerous calls from suspicious neighbors, a search warrant was obtained to search and seize Thorwald's property. He was said to have sawed his wife into pieces and then placed her corpse in a crate which was later transported into a river by moving men. Not only will Thorwald face murder charges, he will also be convicted of animal cruelty charges for killing a neighborhood dog without reason. Thorwald's bail has been set at 2,000,000 and will face a minimum of 30 years in prison.



Today: Now more than ever, social media is being used as an outlet to spread feminism. Twitter hashtags and accounts such as "#WasteHisTime2016" and "Feminist" are prime examples. The hashtags are the result of tired and vengeful women who want revenge on men who have wasted their time by wasting their time in return. Feminist is a twitter account that promotes and tweets feminist tweets. Rape has also been a touchy subject for feminists in today's society. They argue the notion that women who dress provocatively are the one's who most often get raped because of how they portray themselves. However, they argue saying they never ask for it and that is why it is called "rape". Feminists believe women should be able to dress how they please without having to worry about being raped.

1950's: In the 1950's feminism began to progress, before the 1950's sending information pertaining to birth control was a federal crime. Drastic changes involving employment also occurred during this time period. Due to many men who were deployed overseas for war, women took over the roles of men in the workforce while they were gone. Although Feminist literature had existed before the 1950's, two important pieces of feminist literary pieces were published during this time which covered many topics including the vast desire of many women who wanted to obtain higher education and work as opposed to being confined to a household.

Today/1950s: Although feminism in the 1950's seems relatively different to today's feminism in my opinion, employment equality has remained the same. In today's society women are no longer expected to be "housewives", and typically work the same amount of hours as any man would. Although you probably won't find many women in the construction industry, there are a number of women who do work in industries that are mostly composed of male workers. In comparison, back then women mostly fought for voting rights, now feminists protest in streets while flashing their breasts or thighs in efforts to refute the idea that women who are raped are the "ones who ask for it" by appearing provocative.