Tropical Jungle Drink

It's Tropically Junglious!!!

The Sweetness of Jungle King!!!

The Tropical Jungle Drink gives the drinker a relaxing mood and the way its done is once it hits your mouth there will be little bubbles and a couple of pops just like pop rocks,but once it goes down you will feel it going threw your body and once it spreads threw the bubbles make your muscles relax and the best part is that the pops will give you ENERGY!!!


We have eight different types of flavors.The first flavor is cherry
and is the most popular flavor in stores.You can literally taste it
and it will taste like cherry without the water!!!

The second flavor is berry blast.Its has raspberry and blue berries mixed

making it taste more berry.The third flavor is banana and its the main object in the jungle.The fourth is coconut falls and since waterfalls fall into lakes its like a

coconut falling from a tree.Fifth flavor is grape and it taste sweet.

The sixth flavor is grapefruit and since there is not many flavor of it we decide to

make a flavor of it.Finally it is Mango Punch since they are so round and delicious on the inside.