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Hey Folks,

At Tanglewood Works you know we always want to try out NEW things. New paint styles, new color mashups, new types of funky reclaimed furniture and now, a NEW way to entertain you with what's NEW in the shop each week.

We LOVE to post pictures of all the upcycled vintage treasures and roadside rescues we create and bring into the shop each week, so we thought it would be fun to let you see them "video-style" since many of you do some serious traveling to visit us. This past week we met folks from Annapolis, Arlington, Falls Church, Centreville, Takoma Park and Alexandria, just to name a few.

In today's video we're showing you how to hide a body in a cupboard, how to mix mid-century and French country styles, where you can get a refinished farm table for your holiday gatherings, how to use signs to enliven your porch or entryway for autumn and all the shabby chic chippy creations we made with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint.

Our goal with NEW our Tanglewood TV videos is to make them "short and sweet" while giving you the highlights of the shop's newest creations. We'll tell you a bit about the work, who created it and we'll always try to include the price too!

Wanna learn how to do this yourself? ALL Tanglewood Works DIY classes are just $49 this month, so come join me for some artsy-fartsy fun why dont'cha.

And now, on with the show!

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

PS - If you wanna help us — YELP US. YELP reviews help us get found online so we'd love some of our own. Many thanks for supporting a small local business.

Tanglewood (SALES) Tip of the week...

Do you sell jewelry at craft fairs? Have you ever tested different display techniques?

We have and here's what we've learned. Take the time to put your treasures on an individual card. You can still hang them on your funky, chicken wire, window frame but first design a card with your logo and put the jewelry on that, then the card on the display. You've already spent the time to create a handmade beauty, going one more step shows your clients that you care about presentation too, especially if this is a gift.

DO a test yourself. Put half of your wares out on their own and half on cards. Let the test begin... Respond back with your results, and sales!

Tanglewood TV Ep. 03 Store Preview

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