Mrs. Kirchner's Classroom News

Ready for a GREAT week! September 22, 2014

Field Trip on Monday!

We are all very excited to go on our field trip! The buses are leaving at 8:30, so please make sure that your child is at school on time. Please do not pack their lunch (if they are bringing their lunch) in their normal sack because we do not want it to get lost. Please put it in a paper or plastic bag, so we can throw the entire lunch away when done. Our tour is at 11:00, so we are going to eat about 10:30 and then have a snack after the tour is done. Thank you to Jodi Wijewickrama and Tiffany Warren for providing our snack! We appreciate your generosity!

I hope to see some of our parents there on Monday! I think this will be a FUN day for all of us!

12:00 Early Dismissal Day

This is a reminder that there is a 12:00 Dismissal Day this Friday, September 26th!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

I will be sending notices home for conference times. Please pick at least three times that will work for you because I have to do my best to meet with everybody! The meetings will only be for approximately 15 minutes. Thank you in advance.

Big Thanks!

Thank you so much LEAH STOVER, for bringing in books for our class. Leah is letting our class borrow a lot of her books for our classroom library. I am busy leveling the books, but I am starting to get the books into our collection. I know we all appreciate it!

Also, thank you to all of you that order from the SCHOLASTIC book orders too! Every time you order it helps get FREE books for our class!

Can you tell that I LOVE books?


We have PE on Tuesday!

Super Spellers this Week!

Congratulations to the following!

Miley Stover

Eason Ezell

Lily Singleton

Sofia Wijewickrama

Lillian Case

Aaron West

Evan Conner

Zoey Ray

Keep up the GREAT work!

Spelling Words for the Week!

1. many

2. each

3. your

4. would

5. color

6. white

7. whistle

8. slick

9. clock

10. shack

11. trick

12. while

13. stick

14. when

15. thick

Bonus: Wednesday & September

Math Homework for the Week

Monday: Addition Story Problem

Tuesday: Page 43

Wednesday: Page 51

Thursday: Page 54 & 54

We are working on being able to answer addition combinations quickly. For example,

7 + 3 = 10, or 7 - 4 = 3.

We are also going to begin working with doubles this week. For example when you double 4 it is 8.

Reading is Thinking!

I have been busy doing reading assessments for the past couple weeks. I am very close to being done. I have found that many of our second graders have forgotten how to answer questions over the summer. It happens! However, we are about to really step in to READERS ARE THINKERS gear! When they are reading with you at home, please ask them to read a couple pages, but then stop and ask them some questions about what they have just read. I love for them to make connections, but we really want to teach them to find out what the TEXT is telling them. While some of their answers are entertaining, they can be very off topic, or not found in the text they just read. Also, at times it may seem that a child is capable of reading a higher level book because they can read all the words, however it is extremely important that they are comprehending what they are reading. Reading is not being able to read the words, but understanding and thinking about we are reading. I know as adults you understand this, but I wanted to let you know that we have been discussing this in our class and I will continue to discuss it with them.

I feel strongly that our entire class will get back in to READERS ARE THINKERS mode quickly! I would appreciate your support at home and I will be working diligently with them at school. I want to prepare them in the best way I can for next year! In 3rd grade reading becomes more about reading to learn, rather than learning to read.


Leader Awards

Leader of the Week:

Lily Singleton

Thank you Lily for being a great leader in our class. She is always giving me, her class and her school her very BEST!

Proactive Awards:

Desi Mowery

Lillian Case

Aaron West

Xzaviour Conard

Lily Singleton

Samuel Hyatt

Ethan George

Thank you for being in charge of your choices this week!

Our Classroom Mission Statement

As a class they listed the things that are important to them. This is our final draft! I am proud of their work.

We are leaders.

We practice the 7 habits.

We are bucket fillers.

We strive to reach "WOW" status every day!

We are our BEST self.


We have FUN!