Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck

I've always thought this app was kind of like Google presentation. Like Google presentation it is formatted in slides and has its fact are typically made with bullet points. The nice thing about this app is that when you type farther than the page goes, the typing gets smaller so you can fit more writing on the given page. This is nice because then you can fit more facts on the page because that one fact takes up less room.


I think this app is very cool because it allows you to make a movie for free. I movie allows you to do things like adding theme music or even pictures. This app is great for getting your point across while adding some visual aid. It can also be used for just fun entertainment. The nice thing about iMovie is that it is fun.


iTrailer is very much like iMovie. You add pictures and videos and I think it is pretty cool. This is a great way to show off your movie. It is so cool, because you can choose what kind of story you want it to be.

Go Animate

Go Animate is great for explaining things in a fun way. I really enjoy making go animates because it is fun. You can do things like choose different characters, settings and even props. This is a fun way to display thoughts and show off creativity.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything fits its name. It is an app with things like drawing tools text boxes and you can even add voice into your presentation to explain what you are talking about. You can also add pictures, but if you don't like that picture just tap on the x on the sidebar and tap on thew picture. It deletes!