Albert Einstein

Maddie Pratte


  • his mother had major influence on him
  • disliked school, although was very intelligent in math
  • his sister, Maja, was his closest friend
  • played the violin


  • struggled with speech difficulties
  • quit high school at the age of 15
  • felt like he didn't fit in with other people
  • graduated college with an unacceptable record
  • tried to find a job within a university, but failed to do so
  • father's business failed
  • father died

How he overcame his obstacles

  • was able to get into the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School because of his outstanding grades in math and physics
  • learned to accept his dyslexia


  • graduated at 17 from a special high school in Aarau, Switzerland
  • married Mileva Maric a year after his father passed away
  • had a major impact in the field of physics