Special agent

By braydon Hanson

What is a special agent

An agent is usually the title for a detective or investigator for a state, county and more. A special agent is where you conducts criminal investigations and has arrest bad people

How to be a special agent

If you train and get thru the course also get a good score. Then you might get a job for being a special agent. And some time they think you can be one.

How much money you get and what college carrer

A special agent get around 50,000 dollars and up.the college carrer is a high school deploma and its a good job people!

How old do you have to be a spcial agent

You have to be minimum age must be 23 but you should not have turned 37 years of age by the time you are appointed as a Special Agent.
ATF Agent training in Canton

What kind of gear do you get

The gear you get is guns,sun glasses, badge ,license,vest with knifes and bullets,tucksedo

Work hours!

Special agents work 24 four seven a day like an atm.

People smart

The people smarts you need is people smart,body smart,nature smart,also picture smart.

The bad things

The bad things You might get killed,might get fired