Aashna Patel


"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." -Ronald Reagan

Three Words That Describe me:

  • outspoken
  • humorous
  • adventurous

3 facts about me

  • I can speak two languages
  • I love to take lots of pictures
  • I love to travel

Qualities that make me a strong leader

  • I listen to others
  • I treat people with respect
  • I work hard to get things done
  • I work well with others

3 things i hope to gain from serving in a leadership role

  • I will to gain more experience being able to lead
  • I will become more confident around everyone
  • i will get to help other people, including myself, be their best

A leader that I look up to is...

My brother. My brother is the leader of my house, not only does he deal with things from school, but at home too. When my parents are busy, he always takes care of me, taking me where ever and when ever i need. He balances all of his work from school and hangs out with his friends. He does a great job and is a great leader, that's why i look up to as my role model.