Final Course Reflection

Taylor Clausius

Meeting Expectations

This course far exceeded my expectations! I think when I came into this class I was expecting a completely different thing. I learned a lot about how to make changes in my teaching/studying now and for when I'll be a teacher in the future. I also learned so many technology tools that I never had even heard of before that I know I'll get a lot of use of from here on out.

My Expectations

I met my expectations from learning and experiencing new things but work wise I did not. This 8 weeks I had a lot going on with my family so it took away from my homework time and unfortunately I had to miss a couple of homework assignments. As far as learning goes, I stored a lot of helpful tools to help me in the process of getting my degree and after. I've kept all my assignments and sources that I found useful in a folder that way I can always look back at it.
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Growing & Learning

This class really opened my eyes to the unique and diverse world that teaching can be if YOU CHOOSE to open that door. Being 22, even now I think back to some of the teachers I had growing up and how I would dread going to their classes, and I swore I would never be like that. But as I'm going through the steps of becoming a teacher I got the random "what if" thoughts or "how will I do this!?" but now I know. I know now I don't need to be scared to try and put my own touch in my classroom and my teaching skills. I think that's what makes a classroom so unique and special and how you build a close relationship with your students. As long as I put my students on the right education path and am teaching them the material I need to, I can be as creative as I can and want to be along the way.

My Own Thoughts..

It's been a while since I took Intro to teaching, so this class definitely got me excited and back on my feet to the path I've been heading down. I really enjoyed all the "homework assignments" we were assigned and the sites we were given to look through. I really enjoyed looking through my other classmates work to see their points of view. I think the only thing I would change is having a little more interaction with my classmates. Maybe having a couple discussions to really pick their point of view would be interesting to hear. But I loved how excited and into the class everyone was. At first I was nervous about picking a different technology tool each time, but then I got excited to see and learn different ones. I have to say, I think Smore has been my favorite I've come across so far, but I'm still looking through more!