Macbeth Flaws

Awesome shit

Part 1: Macbeth

I think Macbeth was too greedy and determined to make sure he never got caught. He got drunk with power. He fell once he started hallucinating and became scared that the crown might be taken away from him. He was also easily manipulated because at first when he talked to the witches he wanted to let it run its course. But he let Lady Macbeth convince him into killing Duncan so that he could be King faster.

Part 2: V

V fought against the gov't which had become a monster. Everyone's voice was suppressed. If they spoke about anything that could potentially hurt the gov't then the gov't sent people to their house and killed them. V on the other hand only killed people who deserved to be killed. He fought the gov't with mainly ideas. He called out society for allowing the gov't to have so much power. He pointed out the problems and started up the rebellion. He reached his goal but he died in order to achieve it.