Sam Miller

My life as a Newsie.

My name is Tony. I am six years old and I am a Newsie from Newyork.
All day I go around town trying to sell the paper and earn some money. My mother died when i was about four years old and ever since then have been a Newsie. Being a newsie is easy when you are only six years old because people feel bad for you and buy your papers especially when you pretend you are sick or sad. It is also hard at the same time because if there is a boring headline to the paper you have to think of something to replace it with because if it has a boring title they would not want to read about it so they would not buy it. If you do not have change to give the person you could sometimes get away with the extra money. I do not sell all the papers it wastes the money I can earn because then the next day I would just have to pay for more papers. There are sometimes I like being a Newsie and other times I do not. So thats my life as a Newsie.