Bugella's Weekly News

John Powers Center

Week of Jan. 18, 2016

Happy Tuesday

Remember that today is Tuesday. :)

Congratulations to Angel for winning her $500 Meemic Foundation Grant

The Meemic Foundation is dedicated to offering financial assistance to schools and educators. Since it was created in 1992, the Meemic Foundation has enriched the educational experience of over 1.5 million students. We will use the grant money we received at John Powers Center to add guided reading material to our guided reading library. Our vision is to develop a library with a balanced assortment of literacy materials including a diverse array of literature and informational genres so that all teachers can provide students with daily access to the reading material needed for differentiated learning.

What Is Happening This Week?

Monday (Jan 18)

Hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend!

Tuesday (Jan 19)

Middle School Team Meeting

Crisis Go Test for Powers at 3:15pm

Wednesday (Jan 20)

Oliveri Team Meeting 2:15pm

Katie's Baby Shower 3:30pm

Winter Session Sign Class begins at 6:30pm

Thursday (Jan 21)

Clark Team Meeting at 8:00am

Friday (Jan 22)

No school for Early Childhood Students

MSN Advisory Schedule

Walter IEP Meeting at 2:30pm

Terri's Out of the Building Schedule

Mon., Jan 18- No School

Tues., Jan 19- Powers to SEDOL in morning to Powers

Wed., Jan 20 - SEDOL in am to Coordinators meeting in pm

Thurs., Jan 21 - Powers to SEDOL in pm

Fri., Jan 22 -Powers All Day