Cedar Grove Elementary 2017-2018

August 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017-2018!

Welcome to a brand new school year! I love that we get to start over each year and work to make it better than the last. I can't wait to get started and eagerly anticipate the phenomenal things that will happen because of our hard work and dedication. Let's get ready to run!

We begin this year with some new members to our school family. I would like to formally welcome:

Mrs. Brenda Perry, 3rd grade

Mrs. Terri Ivester, 3rd grade

Mrs. Gretchen Skelton, 3rd grade

Miss Emalie Degan, 3rd grade

Mr. Chris Evatt, SRO Officer

To our new family members, I am glad you are now a part of the Grove. My hope is that you will find much happiness in your work here and that you will feel like you are right at home among family.

Below you will find lots of information. I look forward to seeing you soon!


August 15th

So many of you have been here painting and getting your classroom ready. Your official first day is next Tuesday, August 15th. Our hope is that you will leave the 15th saying that it was the "Best First Day Ever!" We will begin our day at 8:30. Wear comfortable clothing. :-)

Classroom Libraries

I hope you will take the time to visit classrooms throughout our building. We are going to have some excited students as they see their rooms. So many of you have painted, brought in furniture, and rearranged. All of our hallways have received fresh paint, and we are almost ready to receive students!

As you work in your rooms, make your classroom library the place to be in your room. Put some thought into this area(s) of your room so that your kids will want to read, read, read! Add lights and cozy, creative seating. Make it a place where you would like to read and arrange books so that students are eager to get their hands on them. Our students live in a generation where technology is their go to, not a book. We want to create a culture of reading at CGE and it starts with you. Please set aside some of your money to buy new books and continuously work to add to your libraries. The goal of every classroom should be that you cannot tell where the library is because the entire room is filled with books and cozy, comfortable places for students to read and collaborate. I can't wait to see what you do with your classroom library.


Greeting students is such an important part of the day. I would like for each of us to come up with our own unique greeting. It can be a fancy handshake, high five, fist bump, or just a special word. Be thinking of your greeting. I just bet we will have some amazing ways to greet students!

Door Magnets

I purchased lockdown magnets for our doors after seeing them at Powdersville. I have placed them on your doors, with the exception of about five of you. (We had to order more.) You will leave your door locked at all times, but the magnet will allow the door to freely open. If you need to lock your door in a hurry, you just pull the magnet off the door frame.

Roster Meetings

We are going to meet with you briefly to discuss the students in your class. Roster meetings are as follows:

August 16th: 1st at 1:00

2nd at 2:00

August 17th: 3rd at 8:30

4th at 9:30

5th at 2:00

Salad Lunch

We will have a salad lunch August 17th at 12:00. Please plan to bring any type of salad. Thank you Rebecca for planning this event!


Your checks are here! Please stop by my office to pick your check up and sign that you have received it. Remember to keep all of your receipts. Remember items such as pencil sharpeners as you make purchases.

Parent Calls

Please make sure you are calling each of your parents and introducing yourselves to them prior to our Meet the Teacher event. If you need numbers, just let us know.


We have had our hallways and door frames painted over the summer. :-)

Google Calendar

I have started adding important dates to our Cedar Grove Master Calendar. I have shared it with each of you. Make sure you have highlighted this calendar under your calendar. Click on Edit notifications and click to receive notice when dates are added and changed. Let me know if you have any problems with viewing the calendar.

Next Week's Schedule


8:30- Breakfast

9:00-12:00- Surprise!

12:00-1:00- Lunch on your own

1:00- K4/K5 meeting (My office)

1:00-3:30- Work in your rooms


We have set aside this day to work in your rooms with the exception of the following meetings:

Related Arts: 8:30

Jane A., Marley, Amy: 9:00

Roster meeting (1st): 1:00

Roster meeting (2nd): 2:00


Roster meeting (3rd): 8:30

Roster meeting (4th): 9:30

Faculty meeting: 11:00

Salad lunch: 12:00

Roster meeting: (5th): 2:00


District Meeting (Powdersville High): 8:15

PD: 10:15

Lunch on your own: 12:00

Work in rooms: 1:00-3:00

Breakfast and Lunch

We are now designated as a CEP ( Community Eligibility Provision) School. This means that all students in our school will receive free breakfast and lunch. Yes, I said all students! I am so excited for our students. We are designated as a CEP school due to the poverty level in our district.

See you Tuesday!