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Sun Peaks Alpine Resort

Ten Tips from Aussies Love BC

What’s the first thing they should do when guests arrive at Sun Peaks?

Go to Bottom’s and ring the bell. You’ll have to buy a shot for anyone sitting “at” the bar (max 12 shots), but you’ll make a ton of new friends for your Sun Peaks holiday.

What are your picks for re-fueling on the mountain?

Cinnamon Buns (World Famous) at Sunburst Restaurant mid-mountain.

Where can you find the best coffee?

Bolacco Cafe

Can you name some unique or unusual off-mountain activities to try?

Getting paddled at the Voyageur Bistro (VB).

Apres-Time: Where should they head to straight off the mountain?

Bottom’s Bar and Grill for Apres Ski- VB, Powder Hounds or the Club for night time fun.

What are the ‘unmissable’ Dining venues in your resort?

Oya, VB, Powder Hounds.

Any insider ‘logistics tips’ to make their vacation even more enjoyable?

Use a complimentary Mountain Host tour on your first day. These local volunteers will show you how the mountains interconnect and where the powder stashes are.

Where do Aussies tend to hang out at the moment?

See Marty behind the bar at Bottom’s, he won’t steer you wrong or Jase at Mountain High Pizza for a slice of heaven.

What’s something brand new we can tell someone who comes every year?

Now is the time to come and check out the new terrain development. Over 500 acres takes Sun Peaks to #2 in Canada behind only Whistler.

What’s the ultimate souvenir of your Resort?

A Giver Balls t-shirt from Bottom’s- Supports a local charity.

Sun Peaks TV: What Ski-in-Ski-out really looks like: