Parents - December Smore

Christmas Break Is Coming!


Dear Parents,

These months are flying by so fast! I am loving teaching your amazing kids! I look forward to coming to work every day because of them :)

I hope that some of the ideas below will be beneficial to you.


Miss McCall

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Grocery Math - Click Here-

While this idea is for a classroom setting, this would also be beneficial to do with your kids at home. Also, helps them value their food a little more :)

ADD Resources Galore!

This is an online magazine for adults and kids with ADD- attention deficit disorder


1. Students need routine/consistency. While I know life gets hectic, to the best of your ability, keep some things consistent.

  • adequate sleep
  • healthy meals --- and snacks! (chips/chocolate are delicious, but include a fruit or veggie in that snack as well. Will help them focus in class until lunch time)
  • visual of their morning and after school routine posted somewhere in the house. Reminders on a monthly calendar of big assignments/tests/quizzes/events coming up.

2. COMMUNICATION: If you are concerned about something or want to encourage a teacher, please let us know :)

3. When your child is doing homework, give them breaks during this time. Example: 20 minutes work on math, then 5 minutes you can have a a snack.

>>>> Give them a timer so they know to work hard during those 20 minutes and are not asking your every 10 seconds how much time they have left

4. One Step At Time

  • If you want your son/daughter to go clean their room give them 1 step at a time. So, first, "Make your bed." Then they can check it off a checklist. When complete, next step of instructions, " Pick up the toys on the floor and put them in this basket. Etc...