Reopening Schools 2020-21

August 5, 2020

SPAPSD Families:

Since announcing our plans for reopening schools last week, we have received and seen, a tremendous amount of feedback from emails, phone calls, and social media comments. We value, and need your feedback and input as we continue to put processes and procedures in place, and appreciate those who have asked insightful questions and provided constructive criticism.

These conversations are essential and make our educational plan and community stronger.

What we do not condone are disparaging comments toward the dedicated educators and district staff that have and will continue to work incredibly hard to provide students meaningful educational opportunities, social and emotional support, school supplies, free meals, ongoing tech support and learning enviornments that are as safe as possible for those who are ready to return.

District staff have in many cases exceeded expectations for students and will continue to do so. Not because this is their 'job' but because this is their passion. Please be patient, kind, and understanding as we all continue to prepare.

As a reminder, schools will be implementing a gradual start to allow for staff preparations and training, student transition time to new buildings, and additional opportunities to provide social and emotional support. We've received some questions about this part of the plan so we developed this update to help families prepare.

We will continue to share additional details regarding the above and other changes as we continue to work to provide timely, comprehensive, and factual information to our students, families, and staff.


Craig Gerlach, Ed.S.


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Updated Grab-and-Go Meal Bus Stops

We're excited to add three bus stop locations to our August Grab-and-Go Meal pick up locations beginning August 5.

The stops will be located at:

  • Plover Pine Village
  • Blackbear & Whitetail
  • Sacred Heart Church - Polonia

Meals will be available at the stops from 10 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Child Care Needs Survey

Student Technology Changes for 2020-21

The District has made several significant changes regarding the technology used by students in our schools and at home. These changes are being made in order to provide maximum flexibility and safety for students as well as to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality instruction in a variety of settings. Please take a moment to review these changes. If you have any questions regarding these changes please feel free to contact your student's principal or Brian Casey, Director of Technology.

New Online Device Agreement required for all grades

All parents will be required to sign a new 1:1 Device Form on Skyward Family Access. The form will be available on August 4th, 2020. This new form is universal and applies to any device your student may be assigned this fall or in the future, such as a Chromebook, mobile hotspot or iPad. A copy of this form is provided for your review.

  • Parents should review and sign the form online on Skyward Family Access.

  • Students and parents must have completed the form in order to receive a device in the fall.

  • If you do not have Skyward Family Access online you can request access by contacting your student’s school.

  • If you do not have internet access you may request a paper copy from your student’s school and send it with your student to device distribution times (grades 7-12).

  • Elementary families without internet access may return paper copies of the form to their school when their student starts school or mail the forms to their student’s school.

Students in grades 7-12

All students in grades 7-12 will be issued a Chromebook. Student laptops have been discontinued. Students that need access to Windows and other specialized software will still have access to desktop computers in school as well as a virtual Windows desktop to use on their Chromebook.

  • Students that already have Chromebooks in cases (last year grades 7 and 8) should bring them to school in the fall.

  • Students with laptops will need to return the laptops in order to receive a Chromebook.

  • More information about dates and times for Chromebook distribution will be provided by each school.

Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade

All parents of students in grades K-6 should complete the 1:1 Device Form on Skyward. All students in grades k-6 will also be provided with a Chromebook to take home. Each student will be provided a device at their school to take home.

Internet access at Home

The District will continue to provide internet access to students and families in need. When completing the new 1:1 Device Form you will be asked to provide information about your internet access. You must complete the form to receive District supplied internet access.

Online Security and Safety for all students

The District will use Securly, an internet filtering and monitoring tool, for all student devices. This service will monitor student browsing activity, email, and Google documents both at school and at home. Parents will have access to an online parent portal and mobile app to monitor their students’ internet use at home. This service also allows parents to receive reports and set their own guidelines for internet use at home. More information will be provided when school resumes.

The District is committed to providing equitable education opportunities for our students. Knowing that a classroom setting may not be appropriate for all students this fall, we are developing an E-Learning option for students. Benefits of this option include:

  • Access to curriculum and teachers
  • Real-time instruction opportunities
  • Paper components for young learners
  • Ability to return to school if/as family/students are able.

To inform the district that your student will be opting into e-learning to start the 2020-21 school year, please complete this form.

Grading will return to a traditional grading system for all students.

Families who have previously indicated an interest in this option will be contacted via email and/or phone to confirm their preference for learning at the start of the year.

Yog xav tau kev pab txhais cov lus nyob hauv peb qhov webpage no, thov tham nrog Shong Her. Sau tau email rau: los sis hu rau 715-340-0656.

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