Tomorrow,When the War Began

By John Marsden

Prediction based on Book Cover

Based on the cover i have seen for Tomorrow When the War Began, my prediction is that, it could be based at a fair ground but something goes wrong. It seems dark and gray, like something is not quite right. The white dove means hope, but then there is the barbwire and it's like don't go over there.


A Diary Entry From a Prisoner Wirrawee

Stupid Corrie. How come she gets to go camping? And she is going to miss out on the show. We always go together and hang out there.Go on rides together and watch the Commemoration Day Planes, but no, she is going camping with her stupid boyfriend and stupid her friends. Well it's her lose, Corries is gonna miss out on the best Commemoration Day ever.Commemoration day started off like it always does, mum and dad get up early so they can start setting up show set up,they get home and start going on about how our cows could win a big prize. Once we arrived at the show I walked around for a while then, went on the big ferris wheel. Something about the show seemed different this year, something felt wrong. It was around 5:30 when the commemoration day planes, which was strange because they always come at 6:00.They kept coming and coming it was amazing how many planes there were.There must of been hundreds.Then out of know where they started to land. This was no normal commemoration day air show. My first instinct was to run. As I started to flee the showground something else stopped me, the people. People were starting to come out of the planes and they had guns. I can’t go, I can’t leave mum and dad behind. I searched around trying to find mum and dad. I am sick with worry for them. “Emma, Emma!” It was mum and dad calling me, once I found them, I gave them the biggest hug I could because I was scared for my life. Then suddenly over the loud speaker a voice came on “ Hello residence of Wirrawee, we are satisfied to say that we have successfully overtaken Wirrawee, we urge not to go anywhere or do anything. All power, phone and water lines have all been cut. You are all being held captive and if you step out line, well, we have guns and we are prepared to shoot.” Now I am scared for my life. How could we all have been so stupid, how did we not see we were being invaded? The soldiers split all the families up and put us in age groups. I did not want to go but at the same time I did not want to get shot so I went. They put all the kids together and put us in a cage. They were counting us,seeing how many of us there was. While counting us they were putting up lights and fences around the showground. We can’t go,we can’t escape now, we are trapped. Evently we were released to go find our families. I found mum and dad pretty easy they were standing with Ellie’s parents.Then they gave us jobs to do and made sure we did then well, if not it was to a cage and if you really stuffed up well you might just get shot. Corrie! Corrie is still there. She can come and save us. She can get us free. She will and she can save us. Corrie is my last hope.


We really see the character of Fi change throughout the book. At the beginning of the book everyone sees her as posh and well mannered, because she is from town and has not ever had to work as hard as the others, "She's light and graceful...the perfect person" (14) but as the story progress, you see her become more strong and tough. She has to try and keep up with the others because they are all used to the countryside. " seemed delicate and timid, but she had a determination....there was spirit to her"(266)


Corrie is an important part of the book, yet we don't see a lot of her. We know Corrie and Ellie are best friends and have been best friends forever. We see corrie is a bit obsessed with her boyfriend Kevin. "more absorbed in each other than the scenery" (22)

Corrie is a tough kid, growing up on the farm and she is a country kid. Even though she is tough, we can tell she dose get scared at times. Corrie and Ellie have a great friendship and really truely love each other. " my lifelong friend......Corrie was my sister"(281)


Kevin is corries boyfriend who gets dragged along on the trip. Kevin and Corrie love each other and its clear to see throughout the novel. "I knew Corrie was in good hands" (282) Kevin acts really tough in and is super cocky and is a start ass but when it comes down to he is really scared and is a wuss. "typical rural. ... known for having a big ego and taking credit for everything." (14)


At the start of the novel we see Lee as a quite and shy guy and is a possible love interrest for Ellie. Lee is also is really smart and wise. "deep brown intelligent eyes,...he was good at most things, but he could be annoying when things went against him." (15). After that we don't see for a while because he was in town and got shot but after that we see that he has real “He was determined to do it. … he became outspoken, he started smiling and laughing.” (254)


Ellie is the leader throughout the story. Corrie and her were the ones who planned the trip and gets everything oganised. "very sensible" (13)

Ellie thinks logicaly and uses her head “We’ve got to stick together, that’s all I know” “Sometimes my brain tells me (people) must be evil. But my heart isn’t convinced” (284)

yet she tries not to get her feelings for homer or lee in the way but it dose. “I was a mess of different feelings. I wanted to make calm, logical decisions….” (241)


We see at the start of novel we see Robyn as a good girl and follows the rules. She is a good christian and will not do anything bad. She has to beg her dad to come on the trip. Ellie first thought she was "I always thought of Robyn as fairly quiet and serious" (13) but as the story goes we see her become this fear less leader and do amazing things. Even though she is like a leader and strong she did not want to kill anyone.

"I'm still not sure what's right or wrong in this whole setup.." (239)

“strong in her beliefs” (284)


At the end of the novel we see Corrie and Kevin go off because Corrie gets shot and they take her to the hospital and i think its good because they will get inside info but I think others curosity gets the better of them and gets them into trouble.