Tanks During World War II

By Josh Wolf, Alex Cortez, and Simon Gerst

M-4 Sherman

The Sherman was one of the main US tanks in WWII. The Sherman shot 76 mm shells out of its main guns. One of the reasons the Sherman was so successful was because it was cheap and fast to make.


Sherman by jasimon123

Panzer IV

The Panzer IV was one of the main German tanks of WW2. It carried a short 75mm gun that was later replaced by a longer barrel. It also carried 2 machine guns. The Panzer was one of the most commonly produced tanks by Germany


Panzer IV by jasimon123


The T-34 was the main Russian tank. The T-34 shot a 57mm round out of its main gun. Just like the Sherman, it was relatively small compared to the German Panzer and Tiger. However, this was helpful because it made the tank more versatile and agile.


T-34 by jasimon123


The Panzerschrek was the Germans anti-tank weapon. It is based off of the US' bazooka. The word Panzerschrek translates to "tank frightener". It shot an 88mm anti tank rocket


Panzershrenck by jasimon123

MK2 Hand Grenade

The MK2 was carried by the common US soldier. It was one of the alternatives to destroying a tank without an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)


MK2 Hand Grenade by jasimon123

76mm Round

The 76mm possessed armor penetrating power. It penetrated an average of one more inch of armor than the 75mm round.


76mm by jasimon123


The Bazooka was a portable anti-tank weapon, much like the Panzerschrek. The Bazooka was widely used by the US. The Bazooka was among the first generation of RPGs. (Rocket Propelled Grenade)


Bazooka by jasimon123

57mm Round

The 57mm round was created in 1941. The invention caused the Germans to make their tank armor thicker. This round is an improved version of the 53mm round used during the Africa Campaign.


57 mm by jasimon123