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Weaving the UDL Framework w/ Specially Designed Instruction

Weaving the UDL Framework with Specially Designed Instruction: A Beautiful Tapestry!

Universal Design for Learning, a powerful framework leading to ALL learners becoming expert learners! We do mean ALL! While thinking about all learners, we recognize that students on IEPS have unique needs requiring Specially Designed Instruction in addition to what a flexible curriculum provides. What is Specially Designed Instruction? How do teachers intentionally plan with the UDL framework and incorporate the Specially Designed Instruction within the general education classroom? If these are questions you have, this webinar is for you!

Live Interactive Webinar - 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time - 30 minutes

Tuesday, Sep. 18th, 3:30-4pm

This is an online event.

60 minutes of learning in just 30 minutes.