Circuit Train

You can do it!

Choose a Circuit -- Complete a count to 30 of each excercise, 3 times through

Before starting a circuit, do a quick 3 minute warm up -- jog in place, high knees, etc.

Circuit A

Squat Jumps

From plank position - up up down down (fore-arms to hands)

Skater Hops, side to side

Donkey Kicks (on all 4's, heel up to ceiling)

Scissor Abs

Circuit B

Butt Kicks

From plank position knee to opposite elbow

Weight on Single leg, other leg lifted back, bend down to touch toe and back up, squeeze glute and drive up thru heel

Push Ups

Walking Lunges

Circuit C

High knees

Reverse Plank

Burpees (15 reps)

Glute bridge

Reverse curtsy lunge (lunge back, lunge back at angel, alternate sides)

Side plank, leg lift

Circuit D

Squat leg lifts

Side plank on elbow, up/downs (1 min, each side)

Sumo squats

Tricept push ups

Flutter Kicks