Happy Easter

Dear Parents,

As we approach the Easter holiday and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and our redemption from sin, it is a time to reflect on His teachings and all we should be thankful for in this holiest of times. It is amazing to me that it is now Spring, and we are nearing the end of another school year. For some of you it was your first year with Cheverus. We hope your experience has been positive and your child has benefitted from their experience here. For others, this will be your last year at Cheverus. Whether your child is graduating or moving on, we appreciate our time with you and feel blessed to have served your children.

Since our last update we have had a lot going on here at Cheverus. On the academic front, report cards were distributed in March and Honor Roll recipients represented 50% of eligible students. While we are so proud of these scholars, I have nothing but respect for those students who try their hardest and fall short of this distinction. These boys and girls deserve as much respect as their classmates. Cor Creative, a teacher coaching company, has been working with some of our newer teachers to help them with some innovative methods for managing their students, meeting their needs, and improving academic performance. Our teachers received their first of 2 professional development courses on IXL, a program that allows teachers to differentiate instruction to better meet individual students’ needs. Rosetta Stone has been implemented for our Spanish classes, as well as an option for English learner students. Our preschool program has partnered with the City of Malden to start in-house speech, OT, and behavior services. Lastly, on March 24 we had a professional day that included a second IXL training, as well as a NEASC training pertaining to our upcoming 10-year accreditation visit in 2024 (my 3rd since working here at Cheverus!).

Not everything is about homework and tests here at Cheverus. We’ve been enjoying some fun activities, as well. Our Middle School students were visited by Malden Overcoming Addiction and learned about their initiative, Stop the Stigma. These men and women spoke of their experiences with stigma and how the students can make a difference through their actions and empathy. We hope to partner with them further in the future. Young Audiences will be visiting our school to perform Hip Hop Promotes Positivity. We hope to secure future performances, as well, through future funding opportunities. Lyric, an emotional support dog, has begun visiting our students. The students love to have her visit and can pet her if they feel comfortable doing so. They learn all about support animals and are read stories on the subject, as well. Lastly, our PTA calendar fundraiser was a huge success thanks to all your support. We exceeded our goal of selling 800 calendars selling over 1500, raising $15,000! Thank you for all your support!

All of us at Cheverus thank you for choosing us to care for, educate, and help mold your children academically, religiously, and socially as future citizens of the greater Malden region as they navigate their way through their young lives. We are honored to support you through your most important endeavor of raising responsible and caring young children.

Happy Easter to all!

Jeff Lane


Megan's Corner

Happy Spring!

Please check out the Spring Newsletter from Eliot Family Resource Center for free community resources and services for youth and families. Feel free to reach out to Megan Caplan, the School Counselor with any questions about resources or if your child is in need of support.

Megan Caplan, LICSW

School Counselor | City Connects Coordinator

Cheverus Catholic School

(781) 324- 6584 x15

Cheverus News

Past Events


Basketball Season -Cheverus boys from grades 5 to 8 competed against teams from area Catholic schools in various home and away games.

1/30 - 2/3 Catholic Schools Week

We celebrated International Food Fest, a volleyball game between faculty and the 8th grade (faculty won!!), a financial literacy fair hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper, an academic showcase which included special guests from area Catholic high schools and royal parent readers to name a few.

1/22 - Chinese New Year was celebrated by our children with a dragon dance by our prek students as well as arts and crafts from various grades.

1/25 Panera Fundraiser - Cheverus PTA held a fundraiser at Panera in Everett on Jan 25th. Thank you to all those who participated in the efforts.


Black History Month was celebrated throughout the entire month. All grade levels worked on various projects showcasing various heroes.

2/3 Re-enrollment was a huge success where 85% of our parents have confirmed their young scholars will be returning to Cheverus Catholic for school year 2023-2024.


March Madness Calendars, a PTA fundraiser, were sold throughout the month. Winners, top homeroom and 3 top student sellers will be announced today. Winners will be contacted and also posted on our webpage and social media.

Upcoming Events


4/4 - Come join us at Fresco's of Malden from 5 to 8 pm for a PTA fundraiser. They will be giving back 15% of all sales back to Cheverus.

4/5 - PTA Meeting - join us in the school cafe at 5:30 p.m. to discuss fundraising ideas for the school.

4/6 - Our middle school students will perform Stations of the Cross in the school gym.

4/13 - Magic of Spring Family Night will be held from 5:30 to 7 pm.

4/24 - 4/27 - Our 8th graders will be going to Washington D.C.

4/27 - Join us at Get Air Trampoline Park in Revere for a PTA fundraiser where 20% of all sales will go back to Cheverus.

4/29 - Spring Clean Up - if any parent would like to volunteer to help clean around the outside of the school please contact Diana at 781-324-6584 x 11.


5/6 - Yard Sale PTA Fundraiser. Rent a table and sell your items. This is a perfect time for spring cleaning!! More news to come.

5/18 - Join us at Soc's Ice Cream for a PTA fundraiser. They will be giving back 20% of all sales.

5/21 - Our Cheverus students will be receiving First Holy Communion at Sacred Hearts Parish.

5/31 - School Wide Field Day!!


6/2 - Kindergarten and 8th grade graduations

6/5 - Preschool and Pre-K graduations

Enjoy your summer and stay safe!