Math Project

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Educreations is a FREE screencasting app on the iPad that allows you to record your voice while drawing on a whiteboard. You can choose what your page looks like, and graph paper is an option!


Create an Account>

Class Code is MCPVDBK

Create the account with your school email address and the same password you use for email

When you finish your recording, it will upload to an account where your teacher can see it.
Screencastify is another screencast tool, but this one works in your browser on your Chromebook. It will also record your voice and your webcam (if you choose to allow that option)You will need to go to Screencastify's site first and install the extension in your browser. Click the blue button in the middle of the screen to add it to your browser. It's free.

To use this, you will need to prepare some slides or drawings ahead of time that you can explain while you are recording. For example, you could create a blank slide with graph paper on it and then record yourself creating the graph

Once installed, it looks like a little orange arrow up in the top. Go ahead and click on that and associate your Google account with it. This will let screencastify save your videos automatically to your Google account. Once you finish your video, hit "Stop Sharing, rename it, and save it to your Google Drive. There is a walkthrough of this process at the end of the video below. lets you create a variety of presentations, and for this project I would suggest making either a video or an interactive image with tooltips. All the types of projects use the same tools for formatting and such, so the video below should help no matter what. It is a really good one, and short, so be sure to watch it if you want to make a!
How to make an interactive image

Google Site

A web site would work with this project as long as you use plenty of pictures and explain well using your text. Watch the video below for some help getting started creating a Google site.


ShowMe is an easy way to make an instructional video. It is similar to Educreations but it is available on both iOS and Android. We do not have this one on the school devices so you would need to put it on your personal device to use.
Watch ShowMe Tutorials

A whole playlist of tutorials!