Tangerine News

By Sophie Paxton

whats new at Lake Windsor?

  • Paul started soccer
  • Paul and his mom went to see the school
  • Paul and his mom wake up and think there is a fire in their house
  • Erik makes the football team
  • Paul's dad and his brother Erik got to kick footballs in the rain
  • Paul and his family move from Texas to Florida
  • Paul remembered how his brother called him "eclipse boy"
  • Paul meets his guidance concealer
  • Paul finds out when soccer tryouts are
  • Mike Costello dies

Is Paul's life or Erik's life better?

Paul's life is much more different from Erik's.has to wear big goggles and he gets made fun of for them. Paul does not get much attention from his parents where as Erik gets a very large amount of attention from their parents. All their dad talks about is Erik and football. Erik is popular were as Paul is not.

Tragedy strikes!

Mike was dead. He was on the football field and lightning struck him. Erik went to him and called 911. They did everything they could to get mike unconscious but he died before he even hit the ground. The hair all around his head was singed off.


One thing that shows MOYA in Tangerine is, the way Erik treats Paul. He is super mean to Paul in every kind of way. Erik laughs to Paul about what Mike looked like when he was dead. Another example is Paul does not get attention from his family only his brother Erik does, that can eventually cause Paul depression because his dad acts as though Paul is not even there.

Spooky Halloween party

Make sure to be there! There is a Halloween party in Paul's front yard 1225 lake Windsor. Make sure to bring treats and make sure to wear a costume. See you then!