Toddlers Classroom News

Miss Carrie and Miss Barbara

Week of October 6th

This past week we read The Three Little Pigs and acted it out. I think I have repeated this story a hundred times. They really love it! We acted out our nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle". We did art work making squares with glitter, colored with orange markers the nursery rhyme, glued feathers on a duck, and glued and painted mud on a pig. They all enjoy art time.
We celebrated Ellary's Birthday on Monday with Sesame Street cupcakes.
Orange Day was a big hit! We ate candy corn and orange square hopped!
I have misplaced my camera so I only have 2 pictures to post. Thankfully one of them is the Birthday girl. Praying I left my camera at church somewhere.

Birthday girl, Ellary, who turned 2 on Monday!

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*FALL PARADE Wednesday, October 29th-