Mighty Robot

Ricky Rocotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Mecha-monkey from mars


  • Nice
  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Bold
  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Smart
  • Hero
  • Friendly
  • cleaver

Challenges Mighty Robot Faces

Mighty Robot faces Major Monkey's Mecha -Monkeys and Orangu - Tron on Mars. They want to destroy mouse kind.

How Mighty Robot overcomes the challenges

Mighty Robot made the Orangu - Tron self destruct, but the Mecha-Monkeys and Major and Monkey were already trying to make everyone surrender on earth. Mighty Robot made it to earth and saw the Monkeys. Mighty Robot started hitting the Mecha-Monkeys and then they got so dizzy from Mighty Robots hits that they went back to Mars. Major Monkey said "I did a Mistake". Mighty Robot took him to Squeakville Jail.

How I Relate to Mighty Robot

We are both nice and kind to everyone. We are both helpful and friendly to everyone. We smart and Cleaver to tell other some hints, but not on any tests.