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Newsletter from Brennen Library Media Center


Our iPads are being used nearly all the time now! Students in kindergarten, 1st grade, and 3rd grade have been the most frequent users. So far, every teacher has chosed to check out enough iPads for "Learning Clubs" to use, which makes working in teams an even more effective teaching method.


I really appreciate your coming in a signing up for iPads. It makes things go so much more smoothly. Since only Mr. Shea, Nancy Swanson, Kezia, and I know the codes to unlock the iPad carts, it is really important that you contact us as early as possible in the day. I am always available from 7:15-8 am.

Not a problem

Some teachers have asked if it's ok if they keep their iPads for more than one week. That's not a problem at all. We want our children to be able to take advantage of this great resource. That's also the reason we ask you to sign up on the calendar in the library. That way we can take a quick glance and see if someone has had them checked out for a long time. We can get them back for someone else who would like to use them.


Nancy Swanson and I have been downloading Apps as quickly as we can. No one in the district can help us go through the process of actually paying for an app, so the ones on there now are free....but really pretty good. Jennifer Helmly is going to training today about bookkeeping and we are hoping that she will be told about how to do this.

Cleaning iPads

I have used the kind of cleaning cloths given out to clean eyeglasses to clean our ipads. If you have a little cloth like that...I think it's might want to keep it handy in case the iPads that you are using get "smudged," etc.

Acceptable Use Policy

I have created brief lessons about the AUP for all of our students. That is actually on your technology proficiency list, but I decided to do it when I see your students. If you will just have your students sign their names saying that they understand it and return it to me, I will keep it on file. One less thing for you to do.


We have ink again in both our black and white and our color printers. Please print only 1 copy of what you need and photocopy the amount you need for your class. I have asked the IT folks to turn off our printers in the mc at 4 PM and to turn them on at 7 AM. If you want to print "after hours" you will not get anything...but don't be alarmed. It will print out the next day. We always put print jobs that printed out overnight on the counter...or in your mailbox if we see a name...

I Am Amazed at You!

Every time I go to a district meeting, I become more and more amazed at the job you do here at Brennen. There is no other school with teachers that deal with the multitude of issues you deal with every day. Ours is a wonderfully diverse population, but I realize more and more how special that makes YOU. Brennen teachers are Exceptional Teachers!