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If you have problems to turn Wi-Fi on your iPhone 4S iOS 7, it may reassure you a little bit to know that you are not alone in this situation. As usual, the new iOS updates bring their batches of more or less good surprises. At last, Apple has no official solution and the most improbable techniques develop sooner or further. Seeing the button to turn Wi-fi dimmed, some owners have attempted iDevices which are totally not recommendable techniques to repair the problem. Some have placed their iPhone 4S in a refrigerator or under a hairdryer. But the problem is mainly that Apple's position to resolve this incident is not uniform. When some people are free to exchange their defective iPhone, others are charged $ 199. If you are in this situation and you have appeared, what was the conclusion and what’s next?

To solve all the issues, Feedstech has come up with unique solution for the entire electronic gadget which will help and solve your question of How to fix IPhone WIFI issues. Also they have several technicians who deal with the problem closely and they have proved themselves to be the Best Film Maker apps for android. Not only this, they cater to all customises app for special usage.

Battery problems are not new and you too have had this type of inconvenience with the iphone. So Feedtech searched various forums and websites to find out if there was a solution to battery problems Iphone. Obviously, there are many tricks of all kinds but nothing works. Some of the technique may include disabling geolocation, use of 3G, notifications and many more. In short, nothing works. Even in airplane mode, iphone still loses 25% battery on the night.

But some Apple customers might regret having so quickly rushed to iOS 6. In addition to the fiasco that represents the Maps application, it seems that the update causes enormous battery problems at least a portion of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S owners. But FeedsTech has years of experience in fixing all the bugs in any phone. How to fix IPhone Battery issues can be solved within a few days.

Many of you encounter issues with the charging. And the most recent ones is the issue which has popped up because of slow charging of Moto X. How to fix Moto X Slow Charging is a major concern. Some of you must have tried to simply remove all applications that were not using. And miracle!! The battery level is now quite stable with normal use this is due 4-5 days and the battery is changing at normal pace.