By: Tyson Tran



The missionaries arrived in the town of Kelowna in 1859. The site they chose for a mission was known as Litnse au Sable. it was not till 1892 that the town side of Kelowna was created. Before kelowna missionaries would create positive attitudes to other peers and to help them get though rough times by the bible.


Christian missionaries have made many positive contributions all around the world. They bring good news found in the bible to people who have never heard of it. They would also help people obtain fresh water and electricity to their homes and through medical care lives were saved. Missionaries work is first and far most is shared about Jesus christ.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail

The Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail started in 1670 and started in Fort Astoria, and then the HBC took it over. The missionaries used this trails and is one of the many that did. They used to to find more and better suitable settlement and to keep giving the positive attitude and assistant all around the world and the Okanagan Trail help them do that to travel other places to share there good deeds.

Father Pandosy

Early History

Catholic church wanted a presence in New Land because the Protestant church was well established. France asked to send a priest over that they could use and in 1847 Pandosy and a small group of oblates left when Pandosy was only twenty four years old.

Reasons for Settlement

They started there journey because the catholic church asked France if they had any priest to send over. So father Pandosy and a small group of oblate of immaculate left Marseilles in 1847

Early Accomplishments

When the Oblates arrived in the Oregon Territory, Father Pandosy was ordained and became Father Charles Marie Pandosy, the missionaries were sent to convert Yakima Indians to Catholicism.

Accomplishments in Okanagan Valley

Father Pandosy was the very fist non native settler in the Kelowna area. He created a community and a town. He set up churches for people to go to and schools for others to learn and grow. This community grew larger and larger and attracted many settlers to the Okanagan and the area.


After the death of Father Pandosy the Okanagan was sold to Father Eumelin in 1896. Father then ran it till 1902 until it was purchased be the Kelowna land and Orchard Company. They ran it for a good amount of time and it was a place for people to come and worship for forty-four years. Later on it was demolished and a group of volunteers rebuilt the buildings in the original standing. Father Pandosy's mission is now four acres and other historic buildings have been put on site.

Interesting Facts

In 1983, the site was designated as a B.C. Heritage Site. Father Pandosy's Mission is now four acres and other historic buildings have been put on site.

During Father Pandosy's service in British Columbia, he established other missions, including one on Harbledown Island in 1863 which was later closed by Bishop D'Herbomez in 1874.

Driving Question

The impact Father Pandosy had on the growth and the development of the Okanagan Valley was that he was the very first non-native settler in the Kelowna area. He set up a church for people to come and worship their belief and a school for others to learn and grow. With all of this he created a community and attracted many settlers to the area. He found the Okanagan Mission which was the first permanent white settlement in the British Columbia Interior aside from the forts for the Hudson Bay Company and the gold rush boom towns of the Fraser Canyon