It should be illegal !

It wouldn't be fair for someone to take your life, why should you take theirs ? There about 327,653 abortions per year.

Only Democrats Believe...

When President Bush was in office, he signed a treaty stating that abortion should be illegal. When Clinton came into office, he vetoed that act and said everyone should have a choice.

Top 3 Pro-Life Clinics: Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life Action Lead, UMN Clinic

Step by Step Process:

First, they take the clamp in and rip the baby,

Next, they take bits and pieces out of the baby,

Then, they rip the organs of the baby,

After that, they squish the babies head in to help get it out.

*Reminder: the baby is alive during the process*

Finally, they scrape the inside of the uterine in the mother causing her to have a seldom chance of having another baby.